Employment opportunities

There are a broad range of opportunities in the Wimmera Southern Mallee, not just in agriculture, but in a range of other industries including education, construction, retail and tourism. High-quality financial, legal and other professional services are also in high demand.

Agriculture and agribusiness opportunities are both on-farm and in the large-scale operations that work directly with our farm businesses, such as grain marketing, transport and freight, fertiliser and chemical sales, machinery sales and many more. There is an increasing range of roles for agronomists, sales representatives, administrators and logistics coordinators.

Health care provides many opportunities for nursing, doctors, dentists, allied health professionals, complementary health providers and other professional services required by any large organisation such as human resource management, accounting and legal. These include hospitals and practices services as well as aged care and support services. 

Local government opportunities abound for town planners, engineers, human resource managers, contracts and legal professionals, community engagement and administration.

Financial services with all of the large banks well-represented in the region, and a strong financial services sector that works with businesses from small and medium-sized through to multinationals.

Employment opportunities in the Wimmera Southern Mallee