The Housing Blueprint has landed!

Housing Solutions for the Wimmera Southern Mallee

Housing is considered the Wimmera Southern Mallee’s (WSM) number one challenge inhibiting growth, liveability and economic strength. To address the region’s dire housing shortage, the Housing Blueprint has been recently launched, delivering plans for innovative housing solutions based on seven core foundations.

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1. Short-Term Housing

→ Creation of more short-term accommodation options for new and seasonal employees in the region.

2. Medium Density Housing

→ Support fit for purpose medium density housing to meet resident requirements

→ Open community discussion on the need for changing the dwelling mix in several WSM townships.

3. Employment Opportunities

→ Promotion of the diverse and stable employment opportunities available with a growing population and expanding skill requirements.

4. Attracting Trades & Skill Development

→ Attracting trades people and supporting trades skill development within the region.

5. Land Availability

→ Securing greater supply and access to appropriately zoned residential land

→ Residential subdivision market facilitation

6. Social & Affordable Housing

→ Delivering a supply of community housing

7. For Profit Housing

→ Development of a housing model attractive to investors to purchase/build properties within the region.


The lack of housing affordability, rental and social housing shortages, construction industry capacity and skill development deficits, and the combined impacts on economic development are very evident within the region. These challenges have been further exacerbated by COVID-19.

The Blueprint, it is a valuable step forward in addressing the region’s housing crisis. WDA are projecting a 1.9% regional population growth over the next 15 years, highlighting a need for innovative housing and regional infrastructure solutions to support this growth target.

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Short-term accommodation options for new employees

Finding a house when you are new to the Wimmera Southern Mallee (WSM) region can be a challenge.

The area has the highest non-real estate agent ("informal") housing rental market in the state. If you are an employer or an employee part of a small to medium WSM business, have you considered local accommodation businesses for the first weeks or months?

WSMD has identified over 30 motels across the region who would welcome a block booking for a few months. Download the flyer to share or contact Mark Fletcher on 0437 816 505 or mark.fletcher@wda.org.au

Download the Short-term Accommodation Options flyer (310kb PDF)

Revitalising Wimmera's High Streets 

The latest small business pulse check report is now available!
Our latest report highlights the actions required to help and support small businesses within the region prosper. Staff availability, housing and childcare are considered the most critically limiting challenges to business growth, demonstrating the need for innovative solutions to assist business recovery post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download the flyer to share or contact Mark Fletcher on 0437 816 505 or mark.fletcher@wda.org.au

Download Revitalising Wimmera's High Streets (1.17mb PDF)

Housing review 2020

The Housing Blueprint was developed in response to the Wimmera Southern Mallee Development housing review from December 2020, which highlighted the significant housing challenges facing the region. The assessment found that housing is inhibiting liveability and economic strength of towns in the Wimmera Southern Mallee. There was an obvious need to act to address the critical housing issues.

Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Housing Review, 2020 summary document (1Mb PDF)