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Grampians Region Cycling Masterplan

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The cycling masterplan aims to establish the Grampians region as a premier tourism destination for road, mountain and recreational cycling. The plan identified opportunities to develop new infrastructure and attract events and the quantifies the potential benefits to the region. 

It was developed in 2018 in partnership with the Wimmera Development Association and Regional Development Victoria (RDV) in cooperation with 11 local government councils covering an area from Bacchus Marsh through to the South Australian border.

The master plan has created a decade-long pipeline of future projects in the region, covering cycling segments such as mountain biking, road cycling, bike touring and recreational riders, and not only stands to benefit local residents with better cycling infrastructure, but will also provide an added tourism opportunity for the region.

The master plan was launched in September and includes a full economic business case for three key projects:

  • Wimmera River Discovery Trail, stretching from Dimboola to Lake Hindmarsh;
  • Ararat Hills Mountain Bike Park; and
  • Further investment in cycling infrastructure on the existing Goldfields Track between Ballarat and Bendigo.

The goals of the masterplan are:

  • By 2028 the Grampians RDV region will be recognised as a premier destination for cycling. The region will host compelling cycle related experiences for road cyclists, mountain bikers and recreational bike path cyclists.
  • Investment in cycle tourism trail infrastructure, supporting tourism product and improved visitor information and marketing will lead to substantial growth in cycle visitors to the region.
  • It is envisaged that the profile of the cycling offer will increase substantially with much improved information specific to cycling in each of the region’s destination and a cohesive approach to cycling development and marketing.

Read more about the Grampians RDV Region Cycling Master Plan and Business Plan:

Launch Presentation (5Mb PDF)

Report Summary (3Mb PDF)

Final Report (14Mb PDF)

Brand and Marketing Framework (4Mb PDF)

Appendix: Local Government Projects (1Mb PDF)