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Wimmera Internship Program


IMG 6787Wimmera Development Association is pleased to announce that the Wimmera Internship Program will once again be offered to businesses and students across the Wimmera Southern Mallee over the 2017-18 Summer break.

The rural Victorian community can experience difficulty in attracting professionals to live and work in rural areas. A challenge is to find new and innovative ways to retain students and graduates within communities, and to attract graduates as new residents.

WDA seeks to support rural communities by highlighting the work opportunities available to students and graduates, and to assist councils to grow their local economies.

This project works closely with local employers to determine current skills shortages or workplace opportunities that can be matched with students from relevant tertiary institutions. The students will be placed based on an alignment of skills and experience, as determined by the employer, and will be remunerated for their time. Students will also live in the local community to build their experience of working and living rurally.

This project will support successful applicants to link in with Universities to involve students with practical work placements as part of their studies.

The project seeks to broaden the options of many students, provide them with valuable work experience, develop personal connections and open up their views on working and living in a rural community.

Wimmera Internship Promotional Video (5 minutes)

Wimmera Internship Promtional Video Oscar Furniture (1 minute)

Wimmera Internship Promtional Video West Wimmera (1 minute)

Wimmera Internship Promtional Video Northern Grampians ( 1 minute)